How can you increase the thickness of the penis? Basic methods.

Jelqing finger ring to increase the thickness of the penis

When a man has a desire to enlarge his penis, in most cases it is about the length of the genital organ. But after all, the thickness of the penis must not stand out!

It is often better to have a thick and short penis than a thin and long one. Therefore, the increase is necessary both in length and in width! It is much more difficult to please a partner with a thin penis because it cannot properly affect the walls of the vagina. Often such problems develop into complexes and unpleasant situations arise in the genital area.

Is it possible to increase the thickness of the penis? Naturally! Most methods allow both length and circumference changes (but to a lesser extent). Let's take a look at which techniques are most pronounced for increasing the thickness of the penis.


How does it increase the thickness of the penis, you ask, when it was originally offered as an extender? It's easy. Each cell in the body has a three-dimensional structure, and as the cells of the penis divide under the influence of the device, there is an increase in all directions. The result lasts forever.


This is the cheapest way to increase the thickness of the penis along with its length. The main benefit is no financial cost, you just need to do certain exercises every day for about half an hour. For the best result, you can use special lubricants to augment or take supplements, the latter have contraindications, keep this in mind.


Using vacuum or hydraulic pumps can significantly increase the thickness of the penis. Devices of this type can be purchased in any sex shop at an affordable price. A quality product will serve you for a long time. The main plus - the result of the increase will be available in a few minutes! It only lasts for a short time. Therefore, you need to use the method just before sex, then you can surprise your partner. But don't get too carried away, you can overdo it and get a painful injury!

Where can I buy the above devices? Only buy from trusted stores with lots of positive reviews.

Surgical solution to the problem

Surgery is the most expensive way to enlarge a man's genital organ. But surgery to increase the thickness of the penis is fundamentally different from surgical lengthening. The surgeon places the cleaned fatty tissue of the patient under the skin of the penis. But after a few months, the injected fat dissolves and the organ returns to its original size. At the same time, the penis may look unnatural and not beautiful after the procedure.

The ideal answer to the question "How to increase the thickness of the penis" is impossible to find, everywhere there are advantages and disadvantages. Every man decides for himself what he uses and whether it is even worth changing.