Types and uses of attachments for penis enlargement and thickening

The question of the length of the sex organ occupies many men, as they are often dissatisfied with their size. Nowadays, various methods and devices are used to lengthen men's penises. However, from all this variety, many distinguish jets on the penis, which help to increase the size of the phallus on their own.

What are nozzles and what are they used for?

Extension nozzle - a device used to increase the size of men's penises during sex. Some confuse them with extenders, but they are completely different devices.

Extenders are used to physically change the size of the penis and jets are only needed for better intercourse.

Having dealt with the basic description of the device, you should find out what it is most often used for. There are several reasons why they use such devices:

  • insufficient length and thickness of the penis,
  • partner dissatisfaction during sex
  • brief intercourse,
  • increased sensitivity of the head,
  • rapid ejaculation,
  • weak orgasm in a sexual partner.

But most often they are used due to the small dimensions of the reproductive organ.


Before using jets on the penis, you need to familiarize yourself with the main varieties of these devices. Today there is a huge number of nozzles that are suitable for almost every man.


The open model is most often used by men during sexual intercourse. This device is not used to lengthen, but to thicken the phallus.

Types of penis enlargement nozzles

This additionally stimulates the partner's vagina during lovemaking. In functionality, this model is similar to another device - an erectile ring.

To use the open model, the sex organ is brought into an erect state. If the phallus is not aroused, the device will not work to enlarge the penis.


Closed devices are considered classic models of jets for men. Their difference from open devices is that they are used as an extension of manhood. Externally, the device looks like a small pad that is placed on the glans.

The main advantage of the closed model is the prevention of premature ejaculation during sex.


To please your sexual partner, it is recommended to use devices equipped with a special vibration massage.

vibrating penis enlargement nozzle

In terms of cost and functionality, there are different vibration models. Expensive ones come with vibration speed settings and are sold with a remote control.


Varieties with pimples on their surface should be distinguished. Modifications of such devices differ in height, length, shape and even the number of nubs. More expensive models are covered with balls in the form of a pattern.


Penis relief devices are characterized by their surface, which differs from other models. The surface can be covered with a three-dimensional pattern, long spikes or small balls. Such a non-standard coating will give the girl an unforgettable experience due to the additional stimulation of the vagina.

Male enlarged tail nozzle


Mostly they are used to thicken the penis as they are made of silicone. Distinguishing features of silicone stimulation models are the pattern on the surface and the distinctive shape of the device. This achieves additional stimulation of the partner's vaginal walls. The disadvantages of some include a reduction in the sensitivity of the head when using this nozzle for penis enlargement.

Before purchasing stimulating models, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with their types. For example, stores sell models with additional clitoral stimulators or vibration massage.

Notable Models

Before you buy a penis enlarger, you need to familiarize yourself with effective models from well-known manufacturers. Only after familiarizing yourself with it, you can purchase a high-quality and suitable nozzle for the phallus.

a man looks into his pants and wants to enlarge the cock with a nozzle

Model #1

It differs from other models in the shape of a ring equipped with vibration. The device is made of durable silicone, so it has a long service life.

When used, this model is attached to the scrotum with a bracket and an erect penis is placed in the ring. The upper part of the ring with vibrating balls is near the head. The vibrating part of the device is housed in a protective cover that allows it to be used in water as well. Models will increase the length of the penis by five centimeters during sex.

Model #2

Woman in bed with a man who enlarged the cock with a nozzle

Special silicone was used in the manufacture of the model, which makes it possible to firmly grasp the phallus and accurately repeat its shape with contours. This model is perfect for men with poor head sensitivity, as it does not affect the sensations of tactile contact with a partner.

The model is sold in a set with three extensions, with the help of which the length is increased by 2-3 cm and the diameter by 1. 5 cm.

Model #3

There are several solid small spikes at the end, and the device itself is covered with a relief pattern. With the device, manhood lengthens by 5-6 cm and thickens by 2 cm.

woman with a man enlarged cock nozzle

The device is produced without additional antennas on the head.

Model #4

Externally, this nozzle has no features. She, like many other devices, is covered with a relief pattern and has small hard spikes on her head. Distinguishing features include a bunny-shaped vibrator at the base. It starts working automatically upon tactile contact with a partner.

Model #5

This is an expensive model made of high quality cyberskin and equipped with adjustable vibration. During operation, the device warms up to body temperature, so the partner does not feel the difference between the nozzle and the man's real genitals. The developers tried to make this device externally as similar as possible to a real member. The barrel of the model is perfectly smooth, and there is a pink head on the edge.

When using this nozzle to increase the thickness, the organ increases by 2 cm and in length by 5-6 cm.

application features

Each extension and thickening nozzle is made in almost the same way. Therefore, there are basic recommendations that are followed when using any model.

Before using the purchased device, it is thoroughly washed in a solution of water and antibacterial soap. This is done to disinfect the nozzle. After washing, the device is stretched both in length and width, so there are no problems with putting on the nozzle. Some men put some talcum powder in it before use to help the genitals penetrate better.

The nozzle is pulled onto the surface of the organ very carefully so as not to accidentally damage anything. When the head fits completely into the device, you can roll out the rest along the penis.

Intimacy with a penis enlargement nozzle

Before intercourse, the surface of the nozzle is lubricated with a lubricant. This is done so that the partner does not feel pain and discomfort during sex. During intimacy, all movements are carried out very carefully and slowly.

The nozzle needs proper care, so immediately after the end of sexual intercourse, it is thoroughly washed with soap and dried. It is worth noting that it is advisable to wash the device after each ejaculation.


To stretch the penis, every man can use the right nozzle. However, there are still some limitations to be aware of:

penis enlarger
  • Do not use such devices for oral or anal sex.
  • Nozzles are used strictly according to the instructions.
  • Nozzles should not be worn by people with blood disorders.
  • Men with cardiovascular disease should consult a doctor before using the jet.
  • Before use, you should make sure that you are not allergic to the material from which the nozzle is made.


Sometimes sex with a partner does not bring pleasure because of a small penis. To solve this problem, penis enlargers are used.