What happens when you stretch your penis?

Correct the stretching of the penis to make it bigger

Not every man is happy with the size of his penis. Some choose a radical and quite dangerous solution to the problem - they perform surgical operation.

However, this approach is fraught with serious complications, including the inability to have sex.

Fortunately, there are many ways to quickly enlarge your penis at home.

Sometimes just a few exercises are enough to stretch the penis and get a positive result. You have to do it every day, then the effect will appear much faster.

Can the penis be enlarged by stretching?

The size and shape of the male reproductive organ depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. However, mechanical action allows you to change these displays. Feedback from men who have tried penis pulling at home gives hope that this method works. Some claim that they were able to increase dignity by 6 cm or more.

In addition, with the help of exercises, you can straighten the penis, which is curved from birth, and get rid of the problem of premature ejaculation.

Powerful stretching of the penis

Effective techniques

Before starting any special exercises, it is necessary to measure the length of the penis. This will help you keep track of your progress. How to correctly determine the length of a male organ:

  • Attach a ruler or tape measure to the base of the penis while you are erect.
  • Gently press the pubic area until the hand rests on the bone (especially important for overweight men).
  • Write down the result so as not to forget.

On average, the length of the penis in adult men is between 13 and 16 cm. With the help of exercises, you can become the owner of a penis that is longer than 20 cm.

It is not recommended to use these methods in adolescence because the penis is growing and can be damaged.

How do I prepare for the pull?

Preparation should be done before class. Otherwise, serious problems can arise: bruises, ruptures, inflammation, lymphedema. In severe cases, curvature of the genital organ can occur and impotence can occur.

Before stretching your penis, you need to warm it up. This makes the tissue elastic due to the increased blood flow. Within 5 minutes you should warm up the penis with a warm towel in boiled and slightly chilled water with gentle movements with your palms.

Pulling power

Start the exercises at a time when you want to go to the bathroom in a small way. The toilet can only be viewed after class. Most of the time, you need to do the exercises in a relaxed state. The manual increase in male dignity is done in the following ways:

  • With your fingers, grasp the penis at the base of the glans and pull it forward. There should be no pain, but there will be mild discomfort. Wait 5 seconds and remove your hand. Then, in the same way, pull the penis first to the left and then to the right. You can also steer the organ up and down.
  • Grasp the base of the glans and pull it forward and up. Carefully turn the organ first clockwise and then in the other direction. Each loop should end with a light massage of the penis. This is necessary to improve blood circulation. This will stretch the penile frenum. You must perform at least 25 rotations in one lesson.
  • The next exercise is done in a state of mild arousal. Pull the penis towards the perineum and gently sit on it. In this case, the cavern bodies are under pressure, as a result of which not only the length, but also the thickness of masculinity increases.
  • Firmly gripping the head with your fingers, pull the penis up and hold it in this position for 7 seconds. At this point, with the fingers of your other hand, you run from the bottom up along the trunk of the organ, pushing with difficulty. If pain is felt, the exercise should be stopped and the head should be pressed with the hand to increase blood flow.

It is important to stretch the penis properly so as not to damage it. You can't rush and act rude. You can use a special device to accelerate the manifestation of the effect.

Penis structure


With this compact device, the penis is stretched extremely gently, and the result is permanently fixed. The tissues that grow during the stretching process have the same structure as the original tissues of the organ. This means that the method causes the penis to stretch naturally and is not harmful to health.

An extender is a device that consists of a base, rods that allow you to adjust the length of the device, and a bracket for the head. The penis is inserted into the device and gently stretched to the desired size. Of course, this doesn't happen in one lesson.

You should experience some discomfort while wearing the device. However, vivid painful sensations indicate that the length of the extender needs to be reduced. Rules for using instruments:

  • The penis stretcher should be worn for at least 4 hours each day, with short breaks every 60 minutes;
  • The maximum break is 24 hours, otherwise the effect does not appear or occurs much later.
  • The first few days of the barbell should be set at the reference value.
  • Extend the bar by at least 0. 5 cm every 7-10 days.

It is recommended that you wear the extender all year round. During this time the penis reaches its maximum possible length. You cannot attach the device to the penis while erect. It is also forbidden to wear the extender at night. By stretching the penis through stretching with this device, you will get a penis that is 7 cm longer than its natural size.

Use an extender to enlarge the penis

Use weights

In this case, only the length of the genital organ is increased, the thickness remains the same. Some men are afraid to use this method because it is much easier to stretch the frenum of the foreskin with the help of your hands because you can control the process. However, if the exercises are done correctly, the penis will not be damaged and the effects will be excellent.

You can use attachments specially designed for this purpose. But men often use improvised means. Most used:

  1. Book;
  2. Cup;
  3. Vegetables or fruits;
  4. Plastic bottle with water.

Before the class, you should warm up the penis with a massage. A tip is tied to the cargo. If you're using an item that you can't tie rope to, put it in a bag. The top of the string is applied to the penis and a sticking plaster is stuck on it.

The maximum weight of the load in the first stages is 0. 25 kg. You have to start with 5 minutes. If there are painful sensations and the head goes numb, you can reduce the time to 1-2 minutes.

To stretch the frenum of the foreskin softly and gradually, consider extending the wearing time and adding 5 minutes every few days. The device should not be worn for more than 1 hour.

Penis weights


Massage not only increases the length and thickness of the genital organ, but also gives an excellent result in the form of improved potency. Massaging the testicles as well can increase the production of testosterone which will help increase male strength. The number of sperm in the ejaculate will also increase, which is important for those who want to become a father.

How to massage the penis and testicles:

  • Before the procedure, warm the genitals and gently pull the scrotum.
  • With effort, massage the penis and try to pull it out.
  • The testicles are carefully stretched with the thumbs of both hands;
  • You can lightly tap the scrotum and crush it in your palms.

When properly massaged, the testicles are noticeably heavier due to the blood flow. The penis will enlarge faster if you use a special cream during the procedure.


It is entirely possible to change the size and shape of the penis if you do not skip the lessons and do the exercises correctly. It is important to be prepared for a positive effect and to take measurements regularly.

Remember to stretch the frenum of your penis with extreme caution. Severe pain cannot be tolerated, but certain (not very pleasant) sensations should be present during exercise.

methodology Efficiency
Force stretch 2/10
Extenders 4/10
Weights 4/10

With the right approach and regular exercise, you can count on a positive result. However, the effect is not quick. You have to be patient for at least a few weeks.